Cool rooms revolutionised the culinary industry, allowing for an on-demand supply of food and beverage products that need to be kept cool in order to stay fresh. It is thanks to these icy walk-in storage facilities that we have the ability to order almost anything on a restaurant menu, and enjoy some life’s tastiest pleasures.

Thus, Hi-Temp runs a sophisticated coolroom service with a variety of cold food storage solutions
that meet the changing needs of our customers. We source and stock the leading refrigeration equipment on the global market and make it accessible to Western Australian customers at a reasonable price.

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Our Refrigerated Storage Products:

Cool Rooms

We stock a select range of skope MESA kit cool rooms which are great coolroom or freezer room solutions with incredible insulation and even better energy efficiency. All our products ensure that coolroom cleaning is a breeze, with internal and external rounded corners and unique integrated coving for superior-grade food sanitation. Furthermore cold storage rooms can be custom built including glass door merchandising displays.

Chillers & Food Displays

Chillers are high performing, energy-conserving cabinets that not only keep food fresh and cool, but optimise the way in which products are presented to customers. They also make food and drinks easily accessible, resulting in purchasing-ease and ultimately more sales. Chillers also serve as brilliant applications for meat storage and displays, with a consistent temperature maintained by fan-forced ducted air flow. Have a look at our general cold food display options here, or view our display chillers.

Bar Fridges

We also have standard bar display fridges that increase productivity behind bars and allow customers to be served quicker than with non-glass options. They have been designed with the ability to alter shelf heights in order to fit a range of bottle shapes and sizes. Both our products also come with interior LED lights that maximise visibility and add character to any bar. This, of course, is a widely-used wine storage application, and forms a fundamental part of any and all beer systems.

Freezer Rooms

Hi-Temp also offers a comprehensive freezer room service that takes care of everything from inception and design to complete freezer room installation. Perfect for all frozen goods that need to be easy accessible during peak operational hours, our freezers are of the highest quality insulated rooms available.

Ice Machines

Without ice machines, the world would simply not be the same. Whether it’s keeping fish displays fresh in the restaurant or complimenting a cold glass of cool drink, we’re sure you value ice just as much as we do. Speak to us about all your ice machine needs.

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